Why it’s important to keep your car clean during the winter months

Story courtesy of KTIV

With winter in full swing, the last thing you may be thinking about is getting your vehicle washed, even with all the salt, sand and grit on it.

“I think you gotta come in once a week if not more,” said Marty Donat, Sioux City Regional Manager.

As it continues to warm up, after the frigid temperatures Siouxlanders have been feeling, employees with Silverstar Carwash said they’re getting busy.

They said they can service up to 500 cars in one day, at their Floyd Boulevard location.

“A lot of people don’t know this is our busy time of year. So, what happens is people are wanting to take care of their second biggest investment besides their home. Getting the salt and grime off your car, getting that undercarriage taken care of. A lot of the people in this market really travel into town, travel on dirt roads, travel on country roads and so keeping up on that is very crucial,” said Donat.

During the winter, cars can get dirty pretty quickly, when driving on snow and slush-covered roads.

And while some people may not want to bring their car in as often because of winter road conditions, Marty Donat Regional Manager of the Sioux City market, said it’s important to continue to keep your car clean, even in Winter.

“The salt and stuff they put on the road is going to cause to rust away some of your undercarriage, some of your exhaust systems, some of your fenders and wheel well, and so forth. And so, getting that grime off is very crucial,” said Donat.

Keeping that grime off — saves you time — and keeps the car in better shape.

“A lot of people drive a lot, you get busy. And as the ice builds up it gets harder and harder to get off. As you get your vehicle washed more often when you come through it’s going to be a lot quicker, it’s gonna be a take us a lot quicker to get that off,” said Donat.

Donat said he expects to continue to be busy for the next few days, especially as the warmer weather moves in.