Think It’s Too Cold to Wash Your Car? It Might be Just the Right Time.

Snowy Exterior

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A clean vehicle year-round is more attainable than you might think.

At Silverstar Car Wash, “generally, we can safely operate down to zero degrees or even lower,” vice president of operations Andrea Vetos said.

“There are a lot of factors that determine if we can be open, including the wind and the specific location, but we’re available more often than many drivers realize.”


If it’s not safe to wash, Silverstar will shut down and will post those closings on its website. But, most winter days, you’ll actually want to consider increasing your visits to the wash.

“You definitely want to increase the frequency of car washing when the roads get messy,” Vetos said. “Visibility is a big concern, so we can clear off your windows and keep your backup camera clear. Plus, the chemicals that are put down on the roads are pretty gnarly. You don’t want to leave that sitting on your vehicle’s paint as you’ll start to see small rust spots develop.”

Silverstar’s equipment “does a fantastic job,” she added. “Things like our Wheel Blasters and our Undercarriage Flush are key this time of year to clear wheel wells and keep the salt out from under your car.”

Silverstar Car Wash - Winter Spray

Another upgrade to consider: Silverstar’s Super Shine Ceramics.

“It’s a great product that has hydrophobic properties to keep snow and ice from adhering to the vehicle’s surface and protects your paint from chemicals and salt,” Vetos said. “I highly recommend it!”

You can do your part for your vehicle too. Here’s how to dry your doors so they don’t freeze shut:

And, when you’re at the wash, know that Silverstar is taking care of its team in the cold too.

“All our wash tunnels have in-floor heat, which keeps things from freezing up,” Vetos said. “We also have heaters in the tunnel and make sure to take frequent breaks to ensure no one is exposed to the elements for an extended length of time.”

Ready to enjoy a clean vehicle no matter what the weather brings? When you purchase a single wash, now you can sign up for an unlimited pass for $5 off the monthly rate.

“Regardless of promos, you only have to wash twice a month to pay for an unlimited pass,” Vetos said. “That’s not tough to do when it gets like this outside!”