Hiring Begins to Staff New Fargo Location

Fargo, N.D. – Construction crews are hard at work getting Silverstar Car Wash’s fifth Fargo-area Silverstar Car Wash up and running. Paint is up on the walls and the installation team is now moving equipment into the tunnel at 2901 13th Ave. S. Hiring Begins As we gear up to open in the coming weeks,…

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3 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-School Time at Silverstar

Silverstar Car Wash employees hold up school supplies people can donate for a discounted wash.

This paid piece is courtesy of SiouxFalls.Business. You’ve gotten through those first few days of class — and your vehicle already is showing it. That makes this the perfect time to swing through any Silverstar Car Wash, where special back-to-school offers are waiting. “We understand the strain that back-to-school time can bring, especially to your…

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Free Car Washes to Celebrate Silverstar Car Wash’s 4th Fargo Area Location

Fargo, N.D. –  Silverstar Car Wash is celebrating the opening of its fourth Fargo area location with 14 days of free car washes. The newest wash can be found at 2511 University Dr. Additionally, Silverstar will match free-will donations made from June 23-29, 2023 to benefit the Emergency Food Pantry.  Donations to the Emergency Food…

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Silverstar Car Wash Works to Get The Most Out of Water

A picture of a red scrub brush cleaning a red vehicle's bumper.

Water is a key ingredient for a car wash. Being a good neighbor is a core element of the Silverstar Experience. That’s why Silverstar Car Wash looks for innovative solutions to reduce our water usage and waste. “The amount of water used in our car wash process is significantly less than most people would expect,”…

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