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Sioux Falls man’s lost wedding ring found in local car wash vacuum

Story courtesy of Dakota News Now

The Silverstar car wash on 26th and Sycamore is no stranger to having people’s belongings be sucked up into their vacuums.

This week, staff found one very special item while cleaning out the vacuums.

One employee made it a point to return the item to the owners.

That’s where Peter Shaw comes in.

Shaw thought his wedding ring was lost forever. But after 3 years of not being able to find it, the ring ended up being sucked up from his wife’s car, while she was cleaning it at the car wash.

“I didn’t believe it, because I had thought it had been in my car, so I’m like there’s no way you could have found this ring, that car is gone, we don’t have that car anymore,” said Shaw.

Shaw lost the ring while he and his wife drove down to Kansas City. He believed they used his car to drive there, but they actually used his wife’s.

“I took it off because I don’t like driving with it on the steering wheel, and I just put it in the middle of the car and could never find it after that,” said Shaw.

Shaw searched for the ring, but after so much time had passed, he was sure they would never find it. That all changed when his wife saw an interesting post online.

“I was just home yesterday afternoon, I was posting something on Facebook, and I was scrolling through my feed and up pops a picture of my husband’s ring,” said Angela Shaw.

The post was made by Silverstar Car Wash employee Trent Zebroski, who made it his mission to find the owners of the ring.

“I made 18 individual posts, so it was going to get there one way or another, and it was definitely my devotion to making sure we got it where it needed to be,” said Zebroski.

Angela Shaw says her husband’s ring is distinct and then seeing where the ring was found she was sure, the long search for her husband’s ring was finally over.

“I thought oh my goodness, I was there Monday morning, I cleaned out my entire car, I went through the seats and the sides, it’s the ring,” said Angela Shaw.

To confirm it was Shaw’s ring, Zebroski had them verify the engraving on the inside of the ring.

“Something as personal as a wedding ring to me at least is definitely something that needs to get back to where it came from,” said Zebroski.

The Shaw’s say you see a lot of negative things in the world, but it was nice to see someone show some kindness and try to find the rightful owner of something so important.

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