Silverstar Car Wash Works to Get The Most Out of Water

A picture of a red scrub brush cleaning a red vehicle's bumper.

Water is a key ingredient for a car wash. Being a good neighbor is a core element of the Silverstar Experience.

That’s why Silverstar Car Wash looks for innovative solutions to reduce our water usage and waste.

The amount of water used in our car wash process is significantly less than most people would expect,” says Silverstar Regional Manager Andrea Vetos. “In fact, washing your car at Silverstar uses about half the amount of water that you would use when washing your car in your driveway.”

Typically, washing your car in your own driveway uses 100 gallons of water or more.

Additionally, Silverstar recycles water at many of our locations, keeping a close eye on our water usage to ensure we’re getting the most out of each gallon we use.

A graphic illustrating that a driveway car wash can use more than 100 gallons of water while a Silverstar wash uses less than 50 gallons of water.

“Many of our locations utilize a water reclamation and treatment system. An extensive filtering process is used to clean and recycle water for future wash cycles,” Vetos adds. 

When water is finally discarded from a Silverstar Car Wash, the water is sent through a sanitary sewer system where it’s treated. With a driveway wash, the water is usually released into the local storm sewer.

A graphic illustrating the steps Silverstar takes to make the most out of water used in its washes.

At Silverstar Car Wash, we continue to look for innovative ways to give you the highest quality wash in a way that’s efficient for you - and respectful to the environment.