She’s got a recognizable laugh and a passion for customers. Meet Laura.

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Simplified: Laura Gillis has worked as a cashier for Silverstar Car Wash for the last five years. What’s kept her going? The relationships she’s built with customers.

Why it matters

  • Gillis – who was born and raised in Sioux Falls – started working for Silverstar after hearing from a friend who also worked for the company.
  • She spent four and a half years at the 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue location before moving to the new wash at 41st Street and Grange Avenue.
  • In the time she’s been with Silverstar, she’s seen new locations pop up across town, but her favorite part of the job has always been building relationships with customers.

“It means a lot,” Gillis said. “I like building that friendship with customers so that they know when they come back, they know what they’re getting.”

Q&A: Meet Laura Gillis

This segment has been edited and shortened for clarity. Answers are all from Gillis.

What’s kept you working for Silverstar as long as you have been? I love working with customers. I have a lot of regulars. (After moving to the 41st Street wash) I had this one lady – she said she drove around to all the Silverstar (locations) looking for me. I was so touched.

What do you do to build the strong customer relationships you have? It’s about being friendly and answering all the questions they need. Smile, just be nice, and be polite.

What’s a service Silverstar offers that people should know more about? I notice people come through who don’t know the full information about what we’re about or how the membership works. I’m very thorough when I explain stuff to my customers, from recurring payments to what they get when they come through, etc.

How are your relationships with fellow Silverstar employees? We get along awesome. It’s a really fun environment.

What do you do when you’re not at work? I like to spend time with my family. I’m a family person. I have my husband, one son – who’s 31, but he’ll always be a momma’s boy – and three dogs: an English bulldog, Max; a Pomeranian, Bella; and a Shitzu-Pomeranian mix, Little Man.

Learn more about Silverstar

Silverstar has 10 locations – with one more in the works – in Sioux Falls. You can learn more about their unlimited wash program here, and if you’re looking to work with folks like Laura, find job openings here.