Unlimited Wash Pass

Silverstar Car Wash’s Unlimited Wash Pass program is a fast and easy way to keep your car clean at all times! Our Unlimited Wash Pass offers a variety of benefits, like:

  • Wash as often as you’d like for the month for less than the price of 3 car washes!
  • Convenient monthly billing with no long term contract
  • Use our automated VIP lane for quicker entry--you don’t even have to roll down your window!
  • Membership can be used at any Silverstar location in Sioux Falls

Signing up for an Unlimited Wash Pass is easy--just see our cashier next time you stop in to fill out a short sign up form, present a card for monthly billing, and receive an RFID tag to place in your vehicle.


$39.99 Per Month
  • $30 single wash
  • Includes Major
  • + Graphene (MAX)
  • + Resists Scratching
  • + Water Repellent
  • + Extends Paint Life
  • + Max Shine & Protection


$36.99 Per Month
  • $27 single wash
  • Includes More
  • + Ceramic Seal
  • + Hot Wax


$29.99 Per Month
  • $20 single wash
  • Includes Micro
  • + Tire Shine
  • + Rain Repellant


$26.99 Per Month
  • $17 single wash
  • Includes Basic
  • + Wheel Cleaner


$19.99 Per Month
  • $10 single wash