The #1 priority of Silverstar Car Wash is to provide the best car wash in town. Our equipment is unmatched in the region, with many years of research put into not only what pieces of equipment to put into the wash, but also what process and soaps to place with them. In addition to the quality of the exterior car wash you will receive, Silverstar has added a couple of high value free services that no one else in the area offers...Free Vacuums with any car wash and Free Towels for customer to wipe down the interior of their vehicle or any water droplets that the blowers were not able to reach.

Not only does Silverstar have the ability to be the best carwash you will find, it is also the fastest. With our conveyor system, you do not have to wait for a car to finish their wash before yours can start. A new car can be brought onto our system in less than a minute. So instead of waiting, you are already on the track getting your vehicle cleaned. It is a constantly moving system that cannot be matched for a customer who is looking to get in and out with an unbelievable wash when they go.


Unlimited Wash Pass

Unlimited Wash Pass Silverstar Car Wash’s Unlimited Wash Pass program is a fast and easy way to keep your car clean at all times! Our Unlimited Wash Pass offers a variety of benefits, like: Wash as often as you’d like for the month for less than the price of 3 car washes! Convenient monthly billing…

Fleet Program

Fleet Program Silverstar Car Wash offers a variety of options for your business fleet, so it’s easy to find an option that fits your needs. All of these options are designed to save your business money! We offer three easy options so you’re sure to find the option that fits you the best! Unlimited Memberships…