Get the vaccine, get a bonus with this promotion for workers

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Employees at Silverstar Car Wash have one more reason to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine: They’ll be taking home a bonus.

All employees, full time or part time, will receive $50 added to their paycheck once they show a completed COVID-19 vaccine card.

“One of the most important goals we have at Silverstar is to provide a safe workplace – safety is actually our first core value,” co-owner Bryan Slama said. “Incentivizing our team members to get the COVID vaccine helps us protect our employees, their families and our customers.”

It’s not the only way Silverstar has stepped up during the pandemic.

Its future headquarters on Minnesota Avenue became a COVID-19 testing center after Silverstar leased it to Avera, allowing more than 30,000 people easier access to testing.

Silverstar also made it easy for team members to find COVID-19 vaccines, sending them QR codes to available locations in the three states where the car wash operates.

It’s all part of becoming an even more employee-friendly place to work.

“As we’re growing, we are always looking at new and unique ways to be the kind of company that people want to come work for,” Slama said.

“We have always had a fun, tight-knit, team atmosphere, but being able to continue to layer on different benefits and bonuses like this is how we continue to show that our team members are the most important part of Silverstar.”

The business continues to add locations, which means more employees can join the team. Right now, there’s a special need for great cashiers, who enjoy a solid starting wage and limitless commissions.

“And we’re always looking for great people to join our team in both full-time and part-time positions,” Slama said. “We consider these career paths, not jobs, and you’ll quickly find there are countless ways we invest in you. Our COVID-19 vaccine bonus is just one example but one we hope helps us all take one more step toward ending the pandemic.”