Employee Spotlight: Shelly Jackson

Silverstar Car Wash - Employee Spotlight: Shelly Jackson

Meet Shelly Jackson, a cashier lead for the Silverstar Car Wash on Sergeant Road in Sioux City.

She joined the company in February 2022, and is coming up on her first anniversary with the company. What does she love about working on Team Silverstar?

“They’ve given me opportunities to be able to grow with the company and also have supported my decisions outside the company,” Shelly says.

Silverstar is proud to provide on the job training in a positive atmosphere when you can grow and thrive in your career. Shelly is quick to encourage anyone looking for something new to apply with Silverstar:

“The job is simple and rewarding,” she says. “We have some great people that you would get to work with.”

And if that doesn’t sell you, maybe her emoji job description will: 👍🥳😂🧼🚗

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