Employee Spotlight: Megan Erdman

SSCW Megan Erdman Employee Spotlight - Blog

Megan Erdman is one of the first members of Team Silverstar in Minnesota.

Megan is a Cashier and Wash Attendant at the Silverstar Car Wash in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. She joined in December 2023, a few weeks before this location opened.

She says she’s impressed her leadership is training her for multiple positions so soon after starting.

“By giving me the opportunity to grow in Silverstar positions, my higher ups invest their own time in me,” Megan says.

She recommends Silverstar as an employer to anyone who asks.

“Consider knowing where to go or where to direct another to receive quality washes and being able to say you're an employee of Silverstar,” Megan says. “You could learn how to make helpful suggestions for everyone's own needs and wants in a car wash.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Car: Jeep
  • Your Job as Emojis: 👍🏻🎀🏝️🍒✅

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