Employee Spotlight: Luis Flores

Employee Spotlight: Luis Flores

"It’s a good environment to work in: good people and really great customers. We wouldn’t be in business without our customers."

Luis Flores, Bay Lead at Silverstar Car Wash's Louise Avenue location in Sioux Falls, S.D., joined the Silverstar family in October 2021. In that time, he's become a champion for growth, for both the company as a whole and himself as a person.

"To be honest when I started I didn’t see me working here past three months but look at me now I’m a Bay Lead!" says Luis. "I also get to help with maintenance if anything breaks down."

Luis has helped Silverstar grow the team, too, recruiting friends when the right positions are available for them.

"The tips are great. The environment is great. You work with great people, and you get to meet new people," says Luis.

How does Luis describe his job? 💯💯👍

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