Employee Spotlight: Jesse Mayes

A picture of Jesse Mayes, our September 2022 Employee Spotlight in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

"I love just being able to be myself and making people happy."

Jesse Mayes, the wash bay lead at the Minnesota Avenue Silverstar in Sioux Falls is growing a successful career with Silverstar since joining the team in March of 2022.

With Fun as one of the core values at Silverstar, Jesse knows sharing a smile with customers lets them know he enjoys his job and wants to share that joy with others.

But Jesse says it’s not just the fun, but also professional growth, that makes Silverstar a great fit for him.

“They are always open to discuss your needs to grow and develop in the company,” Jesse says.

Jesse is part of a team that is constantly growing itself. Silverstar is considered by Industry leaders one of the fastest growing car wash brands in the country.

With dozens of locations open or in the works in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin, wherever you are, there’s a great car wash – and a great career opportunity - not far away.