Employee Spotlight: Danielle DeVaney

Danielle DeVaney is an assistant manager for Silverstar Car Wash in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Danielle DeVaney joined Team Silverstar nearly two years ago. She says the team effort she’s seen during her tenure – company wide – is the best part of the job.

“I love the team work, and I don't mean from just my store. I mean the teamwork from every store,” says Danielle. “I love how if someone needs help because they are short staffed or they need help fixing something we all come together to help and fix it. Because we are all a team.”

Danielle’s an Assistant Manager at the Silverstar Car Wash on 85th Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She values the training and leadership skills Silverstar Car Wash provides.

“They have had me do one on one training with the best trainers and really helped me with my ability to sell,” Danielle explains. “Also, my boss Marcus has really pushed me in the bay and made me faster at washing cars and troubleshooting”

Danielle is quick to recommend Silverstar Car Wash as an employer of choice.

“It's a good company to work for, no one is better than the other,” she adds. “I love the fact that even Will [Sioux Falls District Manager] and Andrea [Vice President of Operations] will come and wash cars. They treat us all as equals.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Car: Ranger Rover
  • Your Job as Emojis: 🤗🥵🥶🤯🤪🤣🤩🙂

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