Employee Spotlight: Camryn Lyon

A Picture of Camryn Lyon

If you’ve ever stopped by the Silverstar Car Wash at our Louise Avenue location in Sioux Falls, you’ve likely encountered Camryn Lyon, our dedicated Assistant Manager at this location.

Camryn joined the Silverstar family in June 2023 and has quickly embraced her role and the company’s culture.

“I enjoy a lot of things at Silverstar. I love the possibilities of growth involved in the company and that we have a lot of females in leadership positions that really empower you to want to be the best you can be”

All the leaders are so quick to help out or encourage you when you need it.

I also love making people’s day; it surprised me how many people you don't even know give you compliments!

And of course, you can’t forget how satisfying it is to see those cars come in dirty and leave looking brand new.”

Camryn values the extensive training she received when she started, which equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary for her role as a cashier.

This foundation enabled her to be promoted to Assistant Manager, and she is currently preparing for a future position as a site manager.

“It really makes you feel good when you can truly help someone. In most cases, it’s saving some money or assisting with an issue, but there are also so many situations here at Silverstar where it’s another employee you’re helping out,” Camryn adds.

Fun Facts

Favorite Car: “Camry, because it’s my name without the ‘n’”
Your Job as Emojis: 🏃‍♀️

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