7 Reasons This Summer Job Could Become Your Best Career Move Yet

Summer Prep Spray Down

Courtesy of SiouxFalls.Business. This piece is sponsored by Silverstar Car Wash.

Maybe you’re a little late figuring out your summer work plans.

Maybe you thought you had a summer job worked out, and it’s clearly not the right fit.

Or maybe you’re just looking to take a new step with an employer that’s ready to support you today and grow with you into the future.

Either way, Silverstar Car Wash could have the perfect role waiting for you.


“Silverstar offers lots of benefits for summertime work and beyond, and we’re always looking for people to work,” district manager Dajana Cicvara said.

Ready to learn more? Here are seven reasons to consider a job with Silverstar sooner rather than later:

1. The pay

Let’s be real. There are lots of reasons to choose and stick with a job, but pay is key especially if you’re paying for school or dealing with cost-of-living increases.

“You’ll be paid weekly, plus earn tips on top of normal pay,” Cicvara said. “You’ll take the tips home at the end of your shift, so it’s a great way to boost your cash flow.”

2. The flexibility

Lots of businesses claim to be flexible workplaces – but Silverstar really delivers.

“The scheduling is super flexible, and you can leave and come back to the job as long as you give enough notice,” Cicvara said.

“When summer is over, you can come back to work weekends or breaks when you’re available.”

3. The convenience

The same reason Silverstar is so appealing for an easy vehicle wash applies to you as a worker.

“If you live in the Sioux Falls area, there are bound to be at least two locations near where you live,” Cicvara said.


“We’re at 11 locations here and growing, so your neighborhood likely is covered. Plus, if you go to school in the Sioux Falls area or Sioux City or Fargo, there likely will be opportunities to keep working when it works for you.”

4. The variety

Thinking that working at a car wash involves only washing vehicles? Not even close.

“You can wash vehicles – and get a great workout while spending time outside with a fun team,” Cicvara said.

“But you also can be selling memberships in the cashier role or helping in other support roles.”

5. The team

You’ll definitely make new friends and gain career mentors at Silverstar. Those as young as 16 can apply, and “we have a plethora of college students working for us,” Cicvara said.


“So you’ll meet a lot of people your age, and we think you’ll love the leaders here, who all share our common culture and really enjoy helping develop their teams.”

6. The opportunities

Silverstar is a summer job that doesn’t have to end when school begins.

“With our flexible schedule, you can work around your class times with part-time and full-time opportunities,” Cicvara said.


And, often, entry-level roles at Silverstar lead to something more – as the majority of leaders at individual sites and companywide worked their way up.

7. Your own vehicle

And, just for fun, there’s this: Work at Silverstar and your own vehicle never will have looked so good.

Employees enjoy free washes – and that’s just the start of the perks.

To learn more and connect with career opportunities at Silverstar, click here.