5 Reasons to Cheer 5 Locations in Fargo

Crews paint the exterior of Silvestar Car Wash's 13th Avenue location in Fargo, North Dakota in preparation for opening.

Our 5th Silverstar Car Wash in the Fargo area looks good in Silverstar red. 

Our installation team is setting up equipment inside the tunnel at 2901 13th Ave. S. and putting the finishing touches on the grounds as we get closer to opening day.

Why is having 5 Silverstar Car Wash locations in the Fargo area such a big deal? We’re glad you asked.

5 Reasons to Celebrate 5 Locations

  1. More locations means more places to wash road salt off your car after it snows.
  2. You can visit a different location every day during the work week!
  3. It’s easier to find our free vacuums when those pesky goldfish get ground into your floor.
  4. Five rhymes with drive. And clean cars drive better.
  5. Five is also the record for the most consecutive national football championships.

We’re hiring for our 5th location in the Fargo area. Explore our open career opportunities here.