Sioux Falls man finds lost wedding ring after three years

Story courtesy of Hot 104.7

Losing a wedding ring is a heartbreaking thing. It’s an important symbol and important artifact of your life. But finding it would just as good as losing it was bad.

That’s what happened to a Sioux Falls man when suddenly what had been thought to be lost forever was found quite suddenly, according to Dakota News Now.

Peter Shaw and his wife Angela took a road trip to Kansas City three years ago. While driving, Shaw took his ring off because he doesn’t like how it feels on the wheel for prolonged periods of time. He put it somewhere on the center console and never saw it again.

After much searching back then, he had completely given up on finding it. They had even sold the car that he believed they had been driving when they went to Kansas City so finding it in the vehicle couldn’t happen. He was mistaken about two things, that the ring would never be found, and that they had been driving his car when he lost it.

Angela Shaw hopped on Facebook the other day and saw a post that immediately caught her attention. Silverstar Car Wash posted a photo of Peter’s wedding ring.

“I thought oh my goodness, I was there Monday morning, I cleaned out my entire car, I went through the seats and the sides, it’s the ring,” said Angela Shaw.

The ring was found in a vacuum at the 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue location. Employee Trent Zebroski asked her to confirm it was their ring by reading off the engraving on the inside. Of course she was able to and her husband amazingly had been reunited with his ring after three years.

I have gone to wearing a silicone wedding band. One reason is because many of the things I do are hard on the white gold band I cherish. The other reason is that I would likely lose it like Peter did, but I’m not that lucky to find it again.