Silverstar’s Newest Product Will Leave Your Vehicle Looking Like New Even Longer

Super Shine Ceramics at work inside a Silverstar Car Wash.

Story courtesy of This paid piece is sponsored by Silverstar Car Wash.

They call it “Super Shine Ceramics” for a reason.

Your vehicle will stay shinier longer thanks to the newest product at Silverstar Car Wash – a chemical polymer solution that is applied in a two-step process during the Platinum Plus wash.

“It provides a durable, protective, high-gloss finish,” regional manager Andrea Vetos said. “Your wash will last even longer, and your vehicle will be even better protected.”

Here’s what else you need to know:

Where in the wash is this process applied?

The first step of the Super Shine Ceramics is applied about halfway through the wash, through our blue foam bar. You’ll recognize it by the distinctive grape smell!

Silverstar Car Wash Super Shine Ceramics 2

The second step is the ceramic drying agent, applied in our rinse arches. This reinforces the protectant properties of the Ceramic coating and helps dry the vehicle. You’ll recognize this by the distinctive oak amber smell.

What does this actually do for the vehicle?

The ceramic coating creates a hard barrier between your paint and the elements, protecting it and giving it a long-lasting shine. This will provide protection from road elements like bugs, salt and grime.

It also will come out dryer – with the Platinum Plus wash, you’ll receive two drying agents!

Silverstar Car Wash Ceramics 3

How do I get Super Shine Ceramic added to my wash?

The Super Shine Ceramic coating is included when you purchase our top wash, the Platinum Plus, for just $18. Our Platinum Plus membership gets you Ceramics for the entire month for just $34.95 a month.

It has never been easier to swing through a Silverstar Car Wash.