Silverstar training programs help employees develop career paths

Jordan Shuman had been with Silverstar Car Wash for more than three years when he noticed a need in late 2018: The company was struggling with ensuring team members were being properly prepared for their jobs as they and Silverstar grew.

Having recently graduated from Southeast Tech with an associate degree in business administration, he stepped into a brand-new role as company trainer to begin developing a training process.

“I started with Silverstar in 2014 when I was still in high school, and at that time, we just had one location and no real training. We would get a quick overview and then jump right in,” Shuman said.

As the company grew with additional locations in 2015 and 2017, some informal processes and checklists were created, but with the opening of a fourth and fifth location in 2018, Shuman knew the company needed to get serious about its training and development process.

“We began to see that we needed to create consistency, both with the employees joining our team and the customers visiting our different sites,” he said.

It started with team meetings, first with the site managers meeting weekly to stay on the same page and then with each site team meeting monthly to review customer trends and outstanding items.

The newest part of the training program is what Silverstar calls its “Team Member Career Path.”

It lays out the map for new employees as they join the team and get acclimated to their role through the first 30 days.

From there, they can follow the Career Path program to a role as an assistant manager or even a site manager.

The Career Path training program consists of training manuals and videos, which Shuman has been key in developing, as well as a certification program for any employee wanting to dig deeper into a particular aspect of the operations.

“The certification program we’re developing allows team members to pick a specific area to learn more about, like maintenance, our point of sale and even leadership development,” he said.

“We’re developing the certification program one area at a time, but we think it’s going to be really valuable for our team.”

A continued focus on training and development will be key as Silverstar continues to grow, he added.

“Training will continue to be a priority for us as we move forward. We always want to ensure a safe environment and a consistent customer experience, and being able to create a clear path for our team members to grow along with us will be beneficial for them and for Silverstar.”


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