Silverstar buys 10th Street AutaWash

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Silverstar Car Wash is expanding to five locations in Sioux Falls with the acquisition of 10th Street AutaWash.

The car wash at 3000 E. 10th St. closed today and will reopen after Silverstar makes changes to the building and adds equipment.

“We want to update a few things that will allow a quicker process for customers, as well as some lower price options,” co-owner Ryan Holte said. “That is where this industry has been going for some time now, and why we have been able to grow. But again, we will be doing everything we can to consider all of those local customers that have been going to 10th Street since 1993.”

Customers that have previously purchased services from 10th Street AutaWash are encouraged to contact Silverstar next week for options on redeeming those purchases. It will take a few days to get all of the information needed to ensure customers are receiving what they paid for, the company said in a news release announcing the ownership change.

The 10th Street location is Silverstar’s third in just over a year. New car washes opened in March 2017 on South Louise Avenue and in February on West 26th Street. Other sites are at 57th and Marion, and 26th and Sycamore.

Co-owner Bryan Slama is looking forward to the new location.

“With our unlimited monthly membership model, having a network of locations around the city that you can use is a big selling point for our customers.  This location will fit into that perfectly, offering another site that is on a high traffic street in a new area of town.”