Silverstar adds pressurized air, mat cleaner at west-side location

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A DIY detail job? It’s possible with these new additions at Silverstar Car Wash.

The location at 26th Street and Marion Road has added both pressurized air and a new mat cleaner that customers can use with any visit.

“The air is easy to use – just squeeze the trigger,” regional manager Andrea Vetos said. “Just like our vacuums, they’re always on.”

The air essentially allows you to “detail” your own car in some ways, she added.

“You can get the extra water out of the mirrors and seams or use it to dust the interior of your vehicle.”

The mat cleaner is near the wash entrance. Just hit the “start” button, place your mat in it, and pull it up and down a couple of times to allow it to shake or vacuum all the debris off.

“The mat cleaner is really nice because it’s quick and you get a deeper clean of your floor mat than you get from just vacuuming it,” Vetos said.

Silverstar is testing the new additions at the west-side location, but if the feedback is positive, the plan is to roll out the extras at all locations.

“As far as I’m aware, there are no other washes in Sioux City or Sioux Falls that offer these same perks,” she said.

“We’re always looking to add more value to the Silverstar wash experience, and customers love our free vacuums, so we looked at what other washes across the country are offering, and both the free air and the mat cleaners have been a huge hit for many washes.”

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