Silverstar 101: Your car wash questions answered

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If you drive in Sioux Falls at all, Silverstar Car Wash likely has caught your eye at least from time to time.

With eight locations citywide and more on the way, you’re always going to be a quick drive away from a sparkling clean vehicle.

But Silverstar isn’t like any car wash. We get it if you haven’t gotten around to figuring out how it all works – or why you should become a member.

So we asked the experts for a little “Silverstar 101.”

 OK, I’ve driven by Silverstar. A lot. But what makes it different from any other car wash?

There are a few things that set us apart from other car washes, but we get the most feedback about our hand prep at the beginning. Our team members take the time to hit any trouble areas, like excessive bugs or mud, to ensure that when you exit the automated part of the wash, you’re clean and ready to go.

All right, I’m considering signing up. What are my options?

Our options range from our most basic Express Unlimited Pass at $14.95 per month all the way up to our Platinum Plus Unlimited Pass, which includes our Super Shine Ceramics, for just $34.95 per month.

I’m in. I chose my membership. Now it’s time for my first wash. Where do I go, and what do I do?

When you come in, whether it’s your first time or not, you’ll enter our pay lane. Choosing the lane to the left means you get to talk to one of our customer service associates, who can help answer any questions you might have about the wash process or your wash options. If you choose the kiosk lane on the right, you can purchase your membership on your own and come back around and see us. If you purchase a membership at either lane, we’ll just need some quick information from you, and we’ll install an RFID tag to identify your vehicle on future visits.

Once I’m cleared for the wash, then what? Is this different from other washes? 

When you pull around to the entrance of the car wash, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team members, who will help guide you onto our conveyor and do a quick prep for the trouble areas. Then, you’ll enter the automated portion of the wash. Here, your vehicle will get cleaned by our state-of-the-art wash equipment, dried by our high-powered dryers, and you’ll exit clean and ready to get on with your day.

What about Super Shine Ceramics? What’s that all about?

Our Super Shine Ceramics is a new product we added earlier this year. It is a two-step chemical polymer solution that is applied during the wash process and results in a durable, protectant, high-gloss finish. We’ve gotten some great customer feedback on this product. Customers are loving the shine it gives their vehicle, your vehicle will come out drier, and it helps protect your vehicle from the bugs, road grime and salt!

OK, I’m out of the wash. Vehicle looks great. Now what else can I do to my vehicle?

Every wash at Silverstar comes with free use of our extras. Our high-powered vacuums and microfiber prep towels are free to use at any location. Select locations also offer compressed-air detail tools and mat cleaners.

Let’s hope it looks this good for a while. But what if it rains? Or I want to run through again? Can I?

The best thing about our Unlimited Pass is that it’s truly UNLIMITED. If you wash your car and want to come back two hours later, or the following day, or every day of the week, you can.

So I understand right, I can do this at any Silverstar anywhere in Sioux Falls? How about beyond Sioux Falls?

Our Unlimited Pass is good for all Silverstar locations, including the current eight locations in Sioux Falls, our locations in Sioux City and soon Fargo.

I have to admit, this is a good concept. Are there more Silverstars coming soon?

We have a couple more locations in the works in Sioux Falls, including our Minnesota Avenue location that should be opening this fall and our location at 41st and Ellis that we hope to open in early 2022.

Ready to become a member or learn more? Click here or stop by any Silverstar location.