Ready For a Summer Job? Here Are Six Reasons to Love This One.

Smiling Silverstar Car Wash Crew

This paid piece is sponsored by Silverstar Car Wash.

Spend your summer working at a car wash? You’re about to find out what a smart — and fun — move that can be.

“Just like we continually challenge our full-time team members to think differently when it comes to working at a car wash, the same applies to students and other seasonal team members,” operations manager Andrea Vetos said.

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“Once students find out what a great opportunity this is, they often return for multiple summers or even continue to work while in school.”

Here are six reasons to check out an opening at a Silverstar near you this summer.

1. The pay

Keeping it real — pay matters. Summer is your time to save for what you’ll need during the school year plus earn some “fun money.” So, Silverstar is there for you from day one with competitive wages plus tips.

You’re also paid weekly, so there’s plenty of cash flow coming your way, and on top of that all Silverstar positions now receive a monthly bonus.

“Plus, if you decide to join us full time, you’ll find amazing benefits,” Vetos said. “They include a generous paid time off policy, insurance options, a 401K and other perks.

Learn more about those here.

2. The flexibility

We know your time during the summer — and beyond — holds a lot of value, and Silverstar works with you accordingly.

“We offer incredibly flexible scheduling,” Vetos said. “We understand there are demands on your time, and because we offer extended hours for our members, we have lots of options for when you can work as well.”

Silverstar Car Wash Training Session

3. The convenience

With 11 locations in Sioux Falls, there’s going to be a Silverstar near where you live and go to school. Plus, with a growing presence in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and beyond, there’s definitely a chance you’ll find a Silverstar near college, too.

“The same great work environment you’ll enjoy during the summer can extend through the school year if your college is near a Silverstar,” Vetos said.

4. The career path

Here’s the thing: You may not envision yourself working for a car wash after graduation. Neither did Vetos — she earned a degree in accounting and then worked at a bank before moving into leadership at Silverstar.

“We have so many stories of people who have tried out working here and then found ways to keep advancing within the company,” she said. “We train you with a purpose — to help you advance to whatever level you’re striving for here. And even if you’re just with us for a summer, you’re going to learn so much that will help you back at school or in future jobs.”

Team members as young as 16 can apply to work at Silverstar, so you’ll start building skills and positive work relationships right away.

“We’re here to teach you, to mentor you and to help you succeed,” Vetos said. “You don’t need to know anything about working at a car wash to step in and have a great experience with us.”

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5. The (not so) typical day

Who wants to go to work and do the same thing over and over? That’s not going to be the case at Silverstar, where you’re constantly able to learn new things, interact with new members and taking on various roles within the operation.

“This is a great role for people who enjoy working with others and don’t like to be bored,” Vetos said. “We love seeing you learn new skills all throughout the summer.”

Silverstar Cashier Greet

6. The environment

Enjoy being outside? This is a great way to spend your summer. Need a more climate-controlled place to work? They’ve got that too.

“But most importantly, we think you’ll love the team you get to work with every day,” Vetos said. “That’s what makes coming to work not feel much like work. It’s what we want to offer those who are with us full time and what our summer team enjoys the most too. We definitely encourage you to reach out soon so we can talk about what opportunities with Silverstar could be right for you.”

To learn more and connect with career opportunities at Silverstar, click here.