New Cutting-Edge Car Wash Product Will Leave Your Vehicle Cleaner Than Ever

Graphene in Tunnel

This paid piece is sponsored by Silverstar Car Wash.

Some of the most advanced car wash technology in the industry now is waiting for members at Silverstar Car Wash.

Silverstar’s top wash now offers Graphene, a new product from Rain-X.

Used in combination with Ceramics, a wax-based product that conditions the paint, Graphene works with all the products used in the top wash to create a bonded layer of protection. That keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer, repelling dust, grime and water while protecting against paint chips and preserving shine.

Graphene Sign

“We are the first car wash in Sioux Falls and one of the first in the country to offer Graphene to our customers as a part of their car wash experience!” said Andrea Vetos, vice president of operations at Silverstar.

“Silverstar has always had a goal to stay in front of new technology and offerings for our customers, and this is no exception. We are beyond excited to offer Graphene to our customers.”

Customers are going to notice a big different with Graphene, Vetos predicts. That includes resistance against scratches, extended paint life and enhanced shine.

“Altogether, customers will ultimately see their clean car last longer and be more protected,” she said. “The range of South Dakota weather can be rough, from road grime, salt and ice in the winter to bugs, UV rays and bird droppings in the spring and summer. Graphene will help prolong the life of your vehicle’s paint.”

Graphene Flags

To celebrate the arrival of this new addition to the washes, Silverstar is offering:

  • Current Unlimited Wash Pass holders the option to upgrade their club level for FREE until their next bill.
  • New Unlimited Wash Pass holders the opportunity to join the new top level club for the price of a single wash.

With the addition, Silverstar now has five wash options, and they all have new names: Max, Major, More, Micro and Basic. Graphene, exclusively in the Max package, currently is available only at the Sioux Falls, Fargo and Sioux City locations.