Meet Silverstar’s ‘super star’ site manager

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In the past, Keith Burgett said he would change jobs whenever he could find higher pay. That changed when he started working for Silverstar.

Simplified: Keith Burgett started working for Silverstar Car Wash in November 2019. In just nine months, he’d worked his way up to a site manager position and the company is calling him a “super star.”

Why it matters

  • In the past, Burgett said he would change jobs whenever he could find higher pay, without much regard for the work he was doing or the company he worked for. That changed when he started working for Silverstar.
  • Today, he’s leading a team of people at Silverstar’s 85th and Minnesota location. It’s fast-paced work, and it’s about a lot more than washing cars, he said.
  • In his more than two years at Silverstar, Burgett has developed skills in relationship building and customer service, and he’s also learned lots of mechanical skills needed to keep the wash running.

“I feel like I’m part plumber, part electrician, part HVAC – I’m a jack of all trades at this point,” Burgett said.

Q&A: Meet Keith Burgett

This segment has been edited and shortened for clarity, but answers are direct quotes from Burgett.

How did you first get connected to Silverstar? I had a buddy who worked here (at Silverstar). He finally convinced me to come over, and in nine short months I became a site manager.

What’s kept you working here for more than two years? The atmosphere. It’s a fast-paced, super interesting environment. There are a lot of moving parts.

(Another aspect is) being in a management position. Day in and day out being able to build that connection with your staff and show them that you’re doing just as much as they are … being the leader and person that they look up to (is really fulfilling).

What’s your style as a manager? I kinda just go in there and get things done, no questions asked. While I’m doing it, I also inform and teach.

What do you do when you’re not working? Hang out with family and friends. I try to really enjoy time with them when I’m off work. I also run a flag football league in the summer and am part of an indoor league in the winter, too.

Learn more about Silverstar

Silverstar has nine locations – with two more in the works – in Sioux Falls. You can learn more about their unlimited wash program here, and if you’re looking to work with folks like Keith, find job openings here.