How To: Keep Your Doors From Freezing Shut

SSCW Winter Wash - Blog

Winter washing is not a luxury.

Washing your car during the winter is essential for vehicle maintenance and for your own safety.

We asked Erika, a seasoned site manager in Sioux Falls, for her best tips.

Watch as she shows us how to keep your doors from freezing shut if you have to leave your vehicle out in the cold after a wash.

Why Wash In The Winter?

Why wash your vehicle when there's still snow on the ground (and all over your vehicle) and more to come in the forecast?

  • Improve visibility by keeping your windows clean
  • Stay safe by clearing out your wheel wells and undercarriage
  • Protect your vehicle by removing road salt
  • Deflect the dirt with our Super Shine Ceramics (available exclusively with our Platinum Plus wash), which is a 2-part process included in our Premium Plus wash that creates a durable barrier for your vehicle's exterior, acting like a shield for your paint job.

Won't That Get Expensive?

The most economical way to keep your vehicle clean and safe all season is to purchase an Unlimited Wash Pass.

These passes allow you to wash your vehicle as often as you like for a flat monthly rate, starting at $19.95 per month.

Other perks include: