How Silverstar is supporting student athletes

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Simplified: Silverstar Car Wash has a new partnership with Metro Sports TV, an online service streaming several Sioux Falls-area high school football games.

Why it matters

  • This partnership is the latest in a series of instances where Silverstar has supported community sports teams.
  • Each game streamed on Metro Sports TV will have a top athlete selected as a “Silverstar of the Game.”
  • The partnership also supports Silverstar’s belief that “our communities make us all strong,” said Andrea Vetos, regional manager for Silverstar.

“For Silverstar, involvement in our communities are key to our success,” Vetos said. “Metro Sports understands when we support our student-athletes, it makes our community stronger, and that made for a great partnership.”

How can I watch games?

Metro Sports TV covers high school football games in both Sioux Falls and Sioux City, including the four major Sioux Falls high schools, O’Gorman, Harrisburg, Dakota Valley, Brandon Valley and Tri-Valley.

You can find a complete schedule at

Tell me more about Silverstar.

You can find Silverstar at eight Sioux Falls locations (with three more under construction.)

Learn more about their Unlimited Wash Pass here.