Employee Spotlight: Shelby Casillas-Cordero

SSCW Shelby Casillas-Cordero Employee Spotlight - Blog

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Silverstar Car Wash in Coon Rapids, Minn., you’ve likely met Shelby Casillas-Cordero, our assistant site manager at this location.

Shelby joined Team Silverstar in February 2024, when we first opened in Coon Rapids. She says she’s found lots of reasons to smile during her time with Silverstar so far.

“I love getting the opportunity to meet different walks of life, as well as putting a smile on members' faces, “ says Shelby.

Shelby says the team she works with has supported her growth as a leader in the company. And she encourages anyone interested in developing leadership skills to join Team Silverstar to further their own growth, too.

“It's an opportunity to gain financial stability while working in an environment that allows you to use stepping stones to grow and achieve higher goals,” says Shelby.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Car(s): Chevy Silverado High Country/BMW 3 Series/Audi S4
  • Your Job as Emojis: 🤩🤑🤣🫣😎

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