Employee Spotlight: Ryan Forbush

Silverstar Car Wash Employee Spotlight: Ryan Forbush, a Site Manager at Silverstar Car Wash in Fargo, North Dakota.

"I know my regional has my back and wants me to succeed in life," says Ryan Forbush, site manager at Silverstar Car Wash's 52nd Avenue location in Fargo, N,D.

That's how strongly he feels about the support he receives from our company in his career.

Forbush joined Silverstar Car Wash in August 2022, when we opened the 52nd Avenue car wash in Fargo. He helped put the finishing touches on our newest wash and in hiring the team you'll meet there now.

He tells anyone thinking about it to go ahead and join Silverstar because of "the career path to grow as a worker and person."

And, what's his favorite vehicle to see roll through the wash? A GMC Denali.

If you're not growing in your current career - or need something new - there's a place for you at Silverstar. Check out our job openings and see where you could fit!