Employee Spotlight: Landon Watterson

Silverstar Car Wash Employee Spotlight - Landon Watterson

“I love working with and meeting awesome people from not only my site but all sites,” says Landon Watterson from Sioux City.

Landon was hired as a wash attendant and cashier at the Hamilton Boulevard location almost one year ago and has been loving his job with Silverstar ever since. He says the company has given him the opportunity to grow as an employee and as a person.

The best part, according to Landon?

“Silverstar has given me the opportunity to be able to come to a job I enjoy and work with people I enjoy everyday,” he shares.

Other fun facts about Landon: his favorite vehicle is the sleek Dodge Challenger and he’s the first to offer up these two emojis to describe his job at Silverstar. 🌊🏎️

Surfs up, Landon! We appreciate you!

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