Employee Spotlight: Cade Weeldreyer

image of cade weeldryer

Cade Weeldreyer joined the Silverstar team in July, 2023, and has thrived in this lively and engaging environment. Based in Sioux Falls at the 26th and Sycamore location, Cade currently works as a Site Manager.

“What I love most about working at Silverstar is the positive energy, staying active every day, trying out new things, and the satisfaction of seeing clean cars leave our site!” Cade exclaims. “The teamwork and support here make every day enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Silverstar has played a significant role in Cade’s professional development.

“Silverstar provided me with the opportunity to build my skills in the car wash industry by sending me to the NCS College of Clean, where I earned my certificate in tunnel equipment maintenance and repair,” Cade explains. “This job is more than just cleaning cars; it's about personal and professional growth.”

Cade encourages others to join the Silverstar family. “At Silverstar, you can advance your career, learn new skills daily, have fun, and be valued for who you are,” Cade advises.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Vehicle: Chevy Silverado Trail Boss
  • Job as Emojis: 🦺🥽☀️🫧🚘🛠️🪜🪛🧼🪣
  • Favorite Memory: One of my favorite memories is from a few months ago during our monthly team meeting. We had a barbecue outside on a beautiful summer evening, discussing various topics. It was wonderful to see the team enjoying themselves, laughing, and bonding.