Employee Spotlight: Andrea Jarrett

Andrea Jarrett is a member of Team Silverstar in Fargo, North Dakota.

If you’ve been to our 52nd Avenue location in Fargo, chances are you already know Andrea Jarrett.

Andrea joined Team Silverstar in 2022. She’s now the Site Manager at our 52nd Avenue wash. She says the best part of her job is the people.

I love building relationships with my team as well as our customers.”

Part of the Silvestar Experience as a team member is our promise to invest in you as a leader. Andrea knows about it first hand.

Silverstar has invested in me by creating a pathway allowing me to develop professionally,” says Andrea. “Such as leadership skills, communication skills, strategy, goal making etc.”

She encourages anyone thinking about joining Team Silverstar to just go for it.

There are plenty of opportunities within the company. You can create a great work / life balance while working for Silverstar.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Your Job as Emojis: 😇😂😒🫣😀😊🥰

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