Disinfected in a minute – the safe way to keep your vehicle clean

Story courtesy of SiouxFalls.Business

There’s no need to worry about spreading germs while getting your vehicle washed at Empire Car Wash by Silverstar thanks to a new cutting-edge cleaning product.

The car wash at 41st Street and Grange Avenue has started using an EPA-certified disinfectant and electrostatic applicator inside vehicles before and after they go through an interior wash.

“This is really a winning combination to disinfecting hard surfaces and minimizing the spread of germs,” said Mark Fuller, who represents the product through Fuller Sales.

“If you used a trigger spray bottle, you’ll get the front of the wheel but not the back side, and viruses and bacteria can live there too. These particles wrap around surfaces such as doorknobs and gear shifts, all the touch points you might be concerned about.”


The active ingredient is in the bleach family but safe for all surfaces, including inside a vehicle and for the person applying it. It needs to sit for only one minute to be effective.

“Rest assured, it kills COVID-19 and a lot of things found in nursing homes and hospitals,” Fuller said. “Delta Air Lines is using it and the Vatican is in line to get one as soon as we catch up on inventory. The fact that Silverstar has one means it’s ahead of the curve.”

When customers pull up to Empire Car Wash, they step out of their vehicles and a Silverstar team member will spray the product inside the vehicle.


“Our employee will fog the vehicle, let it sit a minute and then get in and do the regular wash process, and at the exit they will clean the inside if that’s part of the wash, dry it and then fog it and let it sit for a minute before the customer gets in,” Silverstar regional manager Andrea Vetos said.

“We were excited to be able to get our hands on this product because it’s been in short supply. We have a good stock, so we’re not concerned about running out.”

The disinfecting process is offered for free with a wash.

“We just started offering it, and the response has definitely been positive,” Vetos said. “Customers are surprised and happy we’ve added this extra layer of safety.”

Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Swenson was the first satisfied customer. Silverstar is offering a free, one-minute application for any law enforcement officers, first responders, health care workers and state and city vehicles. No wash purchase is necessary.


“The process is super simple. We pulled in, they disinfected the vehicle, we waited a little over a minute, and we were back in our car and out the door. So it’s a great service and great peace of mind that it’s an added level of protection,” Swenson said.

Those looking to take advantage of the free offer just need to show a badge or other identification.

“We were looking for a way to contribute and help slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, and we’ve always been huge supporters of law enforcement and health care workers, so it just made sense to offer it as a thank you for what they’re doing,” Vetos said.


Swenson said he sees the service as a great benefit.

“I know we have some people out there, like everywhere, who have some anxiety about COVID0-19, and this will be a great service to give these officers the mind-set of knowing we’re doing everything we can in the community to protect our first responders,” he said.

“Everybody has been stepping up to push us across the finish line to get through this, and we couldn’t do it alone. It’s a great feeling to have their support.”

Empire Car Wash is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.