About Us

Founded in 2010, Silverstar Car Wash is the premier Midwest car wash chain. Silverstar has ten locations in Sioux Falls, SD with others under development; six locations in Sioux City, IA; and multiple locations currently under development in Fargo, ND.

Our Mission

To provide customers the Silverstar Advantage by offering a quick, clean, convenient, quality car wash.

Our Vision

To be customers' first choice for a car wash in our market, providing a consistent experience and bettering employees and the community

Our Core Values


Follow safety policies and procedures set forth to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

Customer Service

Help our customers get the best value and the best wash, and make sure they leave happy.


Provide a clean and professional experience in all areas, from the time the customer enters our property to the time they leave.


Hold employees accountable for their performance by giving clear and frequent feedback.


Create a respectful team atmosphere for all employees regardless of their role with us.


Smile, enjoy the job, and share your joy with the customers.