A day in the life of a car wash site manager

Story courtesy of sfsimplified.com

Simplified: Silverstar site managers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to keeping the cars of Sioux Falls clean. Here’s a look at the job and some of the people who make it all happen.

Why it matters

  • The site manager is the top gun at each Silverstar location, which means they set the tone when it comes to culture and customer service.
  • They oversee a team of employees including wash attendants, cashiers and assistant managers.
  • They’re also responsible for making sure the wash is working properly, which means having a working knowledge of equipment and the cleaning products used.

“We really give our site managers a lot of ownership at the site they manage,” said Regional Manager Andrea Vetos. “It’s really their responsibility to ensure that site is running at the level we aim for.”

What do site managers do?

It’d be easier to answer what DON’T site managers do, but here’s a look at a typical day for a person in this role.

Natalie Strobel – site manager for the 26th Street and Marion Avenue Silverstar location – says she starts her day around 7:30 a.m. when she does a test run of the wash to make sure everything is working.

  • She then checks the bay, the machinery, the chemicals and the lot to make sure everything is ready for the day.
  • Once all is in order, she checks in with her team and gives them a pep talk for the day.

“Silverstar is like a family,” Strobel said. “We’re really close-knit and look out for each other.”

Why work for Silverstar?

For 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue site manager Keith Burgett, Silverstar gave him a career path.

He started as a cashier in November 2019, and within six months he was promoted to assistant manager. By July 2020, he advanced again to become a site manager.

“It’s a never-ending process of learning,” Burgett said. “It’s taught me not only how to take care of a wash, but it’s also teaching me life lessons with learning from other people and training people.”

How can I become a Silverstar site manager?


Silverstar is always looking for great team members to join their staff, Vetos said. Many site managers started as cashiers or other entry-level roles and quickly moved up to management positions.

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