A day in the life of a car wash cashier

Story courtesy of sfsimplified.com

Simplified: Cashiers at Silverstar do a lot more than count change. It’s a job that combines customer service, sales, observation skills and, sure, a little bit of towel folding.

Why it matters

  • Cashiers are often the first people customers interact with at Silverstar.
  • They help people decide which wash best suits their needs, and they’re there to help customers learn more about the perks of an unlimited wash pass. (Oh, and cashiers make commission on those unlimited pass sales.)
  • Cashiers like Erika Bamsey also have opportunities for advancement. In less than a year, Bamsey went from starting as a cashier to becoming an assistant manager to now training to be a site manager.

“The people that come to my window, I just really try to make an effort to make their day better,” Bamsey said. “I just want to make their experience memorable with me.”

What do cashiers do?

There’s the obvious exchange of money, but cashiers are also paying attention to things like bugs on the windshield or if the customer’s truck has a hitch.

Those details then help the workers in the bay know which settings to use and where to pay a little extra attention.

Cashiers also spend a lot of time talking to customers. And while they’re there to help offer an unlimited pass, it’s not a conversation that feels like a sales pitch.

“If you’re having a good time, and you’re talking to them, it’s just a more relaxing experience for them,” said Michelle Geertsema, who’s worked at Silverstar for almost six years, including time as a cashier and as a cashier trainer. “And that’s what brings them back.”

In slower times, cashiers are also out and about to help wash and fold towels, as well as interacting with customers in the parking lot to ask about their wash experience.

How can I become a Silverstar cashier?


Silverstar is always looking for great team members to join their cashier staff, said Regional Manager Andrea Vetos.

To learn more and apply, click here.