7 Things You Never Knew About Working for a Car Wash

Story courtesy of siouxfalls.business. This paid piece is sponsored by Silverstar Car Wash.

Take whatever you imagine working at a car wash would be like – and get ready to rethink it.

That’s the experience of hundreds of Silverstar team members, who continuously discover why this is so much more than a job – it’s a career – and why while it might be called work, there’s a lot of fun layered in every day.

Members of the Silverstar Car Wash team smile in the wash tunnel in red shirts.

“This happens all the time – someone decides to join our team, and it’s not long before we hear how this is so much more than they ever expected,” said Andrea Vetos, operations manager.

You really have to experience it for yourself – click here to learn more about current opportunities – but for a peek into what new hires can expect, take a look at these seven things you never knew about working for a car wash.

There’s huge opportunities for learning and growth

Think working for a car wash is mostly monotonous without much room to advance? So not the case at Silverstar.

Each month, you’ll be learning new things – both within your site and throughout Sioux Falls. Training topics have includes sales tips, goal-setting and even upskilling in trades such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

Members of Team Silverstar working to maintain the tire belt.

“Three years ago when I started here, I honestly didn’t know the difference between a ratchet and a wrench,” site manager Catherine Gonzalez Paez said. “Today, my daughter calls me a mechanic. You really do learn something new every day here.”

As a team member, you can do it all

It doesn’t matter what your title is at Silverstar – here, you’re just part of the team. Between prepping cars and completing customer service tasks, the management team handles all repairs and maintenance. And all team members are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Members of Team Silverstar working to maintain the tire belt.

“I used the skills I learned at the car wash to fix my garbage disposal at home recently,” site manager Natalie Strobel said. “I never would have been able to do that pre-Silverstar!”

 It’s not a seasonal job

Think working for a car wash means you have to find something to do when the weather isn’t so great? Not the case. Hot, cold, snow, rain, Silverstar is open year-round.

Members of the Silverstar Car Wash team smile in the wash tunnel in red shirts.

“We aim to serve our Unlimited Pass members as many days out of the year as we can, and that translates to consistent schedules for our team members,” Vetos said. “On those slower rain or snow days, we catch up on cleaning and repairs.”

You’ll spot a dirty car 10 miles away

So, for the most part, you totally can leave work at work at Silverstar. But whether you wash your own car once a week or once a year, you’ll start to notice yourself eyeing cars as you drive down the road, wondering when they last visited Silverstar.

“Of course, we want you to enjoy a sparkling-clean vehicle whenever you want, so your own washes at Silverstar at free,” Vetos said.

It’s a great way to stay in shape

Maybe we’re biased, but we think it’s hard to beat a workout when you don’t actually realize you’re working out.

“Silverstar is a fast-paced, active environment, which can have great health benefits,” Vetos said. “It’s a very positive place to work, so you’ll be energized by the people around and barely realize how active you’re becoming. We’ve heard everything from people noticing stronger arms to instant weight loss. It’s hard to argue with results like that!”

You’ll love the benefits

Maybe you wouldn’t connect working at a car wash to being offered generous benefits, but at Silverstar that’s part of the package.


Full-time employees are eligible for health, dental, vision and life insurance after 60 days, and the company will cover half! Plus, you begin accumulating paid time off after 60 days, and after one year you’re eligible to enroll in the company 401(k), which includes company matching contributions.

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You’ll have fun

Fun and work really can exist in the same sentence! Silverstar has created a culture around team members who genuinely enjoy coming to work.


“Fun is important to us – it’s one of our core values – and you can tell as soon as you begin working here,” Vetos said. “That, along with everything else about being part of this team, is why so many people become long-time employees and enjoy multiple promotions at Silverstar. It’s definitely not what most people picture when they envision working at a car wash.”

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